Mini Falcon - Aluminum

Mini Falcon - Aluminum

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This spinner is modeled from our first generation Falcon spinner, but is lightweight and spins really fast.  

The housing is crafted from 6061 aluminum just like the original.  The length is 2.25" (the original Falcon is 2.75").  The width is .250 (the original Falcon is .350).  The caps are also 6061 aluminum and include an integrated threaded post like all of our caps.  The weight is just 27 grams (less than half the original falcon), but generally puts up longer spin times because of the upgraded r188zz bearing.

This spinner can be upgraded with color via Cerakote.  Click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page to make a custom request or to get more information about this option. 

This spinner is manufactured and assembled in the Pacific Northwest, USA.