Customization Services

We offer Anodizing, Heat/Flame Treatment, and other finishing services on any of our Titanium or Stainless spinners.  We can also treat items produced by other makers as well!  

Prices vary based on the amount of time necessary to achieve the desired results.  Please keep in mind these are artistic, not perfect, processes.  Results can very with possible tone variances or color inconsistencies in places, however, this is the appeal of customization.  Each one is a snowflake!

Contact Us via the link at the bottom of the page to make a custom order request, get a price quote, or to receive more information about these services.  


Anodizing is an electrical process that has been used in the jewelry and medical industries for years. 

The colors can only be produced on ‘reactive metals’ which are titanium, niobium and tantalum.  When these metals are hooked up to an electric power source and submerced in a conducter solution,  a thin film or oxide layer grows on the surface of the metal.  When you look through this oxide layer you see a color and as you apply more electricity the oxide grows thicker and other colors are produced.

The range of colors that can be achieved are based on the grade and finish of the material.  These colors include: bronze, dark purple, deep blue, light blue, seafoam green, yellow gold, rose gold/peach, light pink, magenta, purple, aqua, teal, green, light green, bubblegum pink.  Sorry red, black, and true orange are not achievable with this process!


Heat Treating or Flame Colorization

This process is the heating of a metal, such as stainless steel or titanium, in order to build up an oxide layer.  When you look through this oxide you see rich colors such a bronze, straw gold, purple, and dark and light blues.  You may have also heard this process called tempering or hardening because it is used to chage the strength properties of the metal, especially in the making of knife blades.