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Pivot uses rare-earth Neodymium magnets in both the "body" and the "flipper" to create it's pull.  Every move feels like flipping a light switch.  It's an incredibly addictive fidget toy.  The idea to use magnets in fidget toys was not ours, but we feel we have come up with a creative new take on the concept.  Of all the gadgets we have made over the years, this is the one we have spent the most time playing with.  

The Pivot comes in titanium and bronze.  The titanium set weights 56g and the bronze set weighs 102g.  The base fits inside a 49.5mm (1.95") circle.

There are two surface finish options.  Machine finish and bead blasted finish. 

Machine finish has tool marks just like it came out of the machine.  We incorporate a special pattern we have used for years to create beautiful swirling patterns on our pieces.  We use large chamfers and sharp tools to make sure there are not any sharp edges.  This finish is sleek and smooth with a beautiful built in design.  The finish is glossy and reflects light.

Blasted finish has been shot at high pressure with small diameter glass beads.  This is different than standard sand blasting as it is much less porous.  Bead blasted finish is silky smooth to the touch.  All edges are very slightly rounded.  Blasted finish is matte rather than glossy.

As with all of our products, we encourage you to give us inspiration!  If you would like to have your Pivot custom anodized, lasered, or Cerakoted please let us know.  We pride ourselves on producing custom pieces that make our customers happy.